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New Koi Shipment June 1, 2016 READY TO GO !!!!!

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KOI IN and looking good ready for sale 6/1/16

Prices range from 9.99 for Large Sarasa, Sarasa Comets

19.99 for shubunkins, lrg

10-12" to 60.00

6-8" butterfly and regular select Koi 39.99

Price break for qty of 3 typical.

1st Pond Fish Shipment of the Year !!!

POND SEASON IS HERE !!!! Koi Koi Butterfly Comets Sarasa Comets Shubunkin FIRST FISH SHIPMENT OF THE YEAR !!! These are smaller fish around 3-5" and from another great Supplier. Fish are Quarantined 2 weeks prior to even receiving the fish from our Supplier. Almost 300 fish in stock and ready for a [...]

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