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Lace Rock

Over 2,000 lbs of Lace Rock available.

Lace Rock is a viable, inexpensive alternative to buying live rock (i.e., rock harvested from the wild) for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.  Sizes range from 6 inches to 2 feet, and may be chiseled for incredible, custom shapes you just can't get with live rock. Because coralline algae will adhere quickly to lace rock, there is no aesthetic difference between lace rock and live rock in the saltwater aquarium.  Lace rock will not affect pH, nor leach harmful nutrients such as phosphate, nitrate, iron, etc. into the aquarium.

Reef Systems, Inc. will be offering lace rock as cultured live rock from our coral grow out systems very soon. Lace Rock, Antique Lace Rock and Tuffa Rock are currently being cultured, and will contain the same bacteria and animals you would find in live rock.

If you would like to see an example of a tank comprised entirely of lace rock, check out the 450 gallon display tank here at Reef Systems, Inc.  Pictures of this system may also be found here.  Help conserve the beauty of our natural reefs by using Mari cultured or aqua cultured live rock!

Best Steps for Placing Uncultured Lace Rock into the Aquarium:

1. Clean off the Lace rock with a bristle brush to remove any algae or lichen from the rock.

2. Rinse the rock off with water and clean off any dirt or debris

3. Once the rock is cleaned and rinsed.  Put the dry lace rock into the system.

4. For best results place the Lace rock in your sump without any light for a minimum of two weeks to allow bacteria to culture on the lace rock.

5. After two weeks the rock may be placed into the main aquarium with no concerns of nuisance algae moving onto the new rock because bacteria is well established and will discourage nuisance algae from moving onto the rock.

Note: Many aquarists will choose to omit step 4. If you have no algae problems in your aquarium, immediately placing lace rock into the main aquarium will not cause any problems.

Although Lace Rock has many detractors, having our 450 gallon display at our Farm shows that Lace rock can be used as an alternative to Live Rock collected from the reef and be very successful.  Please come out and see our 450 gallon display set up and running since September of 2006..

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