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First Visit to the Farm ?


Are you coming to visit Reef Systems Coral Farm Inc. for the first time?
Are you an existing customer looking for answers or continued support with your aquarium needs?

    We here at Reef Systems Coral Farm Inc. are dedicated to educating our new customers and existing customers on the needs of their aquariums. We can help you figure out what is going on with your aquarium and direct you in the proper husbandry skills to fix and maintain your new or existing aquarium. There are many “common mistakes” people make on the way to having the aquarium of their dreams. We can educate you and help you on the path to a beautiful aquarium.

What should I bring to the farm to help diagnose problems?

1.   Aquarium Water Samples- a small medicine bottle, ziplock or tupperware container will be adequate
-Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water (whatever you use to top off your tank or mix new saltwater)
-Tap Water (even if you use Reverse Osmosis)

***If you do your own water tests (recommended), do a full test of your water before the visit. Then we can run tests to verify that your tests are up to date and accurate. It’s like getting a second opinion or validating your test results.

2.   Pictures or Videos-  Pictures our worth a thousand words!!!
- Video placed onto a USB Flash Drive is best.
 We have a big screen   TV that we can project onto to look at your system more closely.
- Pictures on a Tablet or iPad would be next best.
- Include pictures/video of your aquarium, animals, corals, setup, sump, basement setup, RO, lights, pump.  The more pictures and/or videos we have the easier it is to see what is going on and make recommendations.

***Pictures on phones or cameras are very difficult to see and are not recommended.  However, if this is all you have then it is better than nothing.

3. Hydrometer /Refractometer 
-Whatever you use to measure your Salt levels.
-We can make sure that your most valuable tool is reading correctly, a very common mistake people overlook.

4. List of Equipment
-Knowing your equipment is very important
-Lighting (name/brand/wattage), pumps, circulation pumps, skimmer etc.
- Salt You Use (believe it or not , not all Salt is created equal). It’s very important to know the specific salt you are using or if you purchase your saltwater from a store then this is even more important to know.


We may at times overwhelm customers in an attempt get to know them and their systems. Please realize that we do this because we want to first educate and then help customers become successful long term rather than short term.

Often people come to us in hopes of figuring out a problem that they have and they get more information than they ever thought. This is because many problems are created by a combinaion of situations, i.e. water chemistry and/or husbandry skills.  Ascertaining the real problem often takes probing and gathering information.  We are here to help but often the customer hears things they have never heard before and this may create an overwhelming feeling. 

Remember we typically educate first before even trying to SELL.  Other stores and businesses rely on selling first and figuring things out later. Often the fix is simple and gaining the knowledge to understand your system will help and usually costs little.

If you are a new customer looking for guidance or help or just want to take advantage of our first-time free service OR you are an existing customer looking to make sure your system and tests are up to par then make sure you gather up the information before coming out and we will do our best to get you the right information.

Please come out and visit and let us help you with your aquarium needs.


Todd Melman