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Closed Easter Sunday


We will be closed this Easter Sunday.

-  ESV shipment is here.
-  We have some new Acropora pieces in stock from some of our Customer /
Clients Aquariums as well.
-  Lace Rock shipment should be here in 2 weeks.

We have a used 300 gallon Starphyre tank in now and looking to move it
-Custom built Tank Aprx. 72" x 30" x 30"
- (2) Smoke black overflow boxes with 1.5" Returns and 1.5" Drains
- Euro Bracing (No center Braces)
- Starphyre 3 sides
- Custom build Stand never used
Looking to sell quickly $2,000.00
No discount for not taking the stand, stand is Free.
A new 265 gallon tank only , Now sells for 1,400.00 right now.
This is a very nice tank and was up and running until this week.

We are also looking to sell the 450 gallon tank with Starphyre glass as
-Custom built Tank aprx. 9' x 30" x 28
- Custom overflow boxes with 2" drains and 2" Returns
- Bottom right of thank has damaged glass
Tank is running and holding water and has for the past 5 years.
Tank only $1,500.00

If we dont see you this weekend have a nice extra long weekend and we will
see you next time.

Todd Melman