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    Reef Systems Coral Farm, Inc. is a Coral Farm and not a Frag shop.

      Reef Systems Coral Farm, Inc. is a Live Coral Farm located in New Albany (Columbus) Ohio. We specialize in Captive Raised Corals, Aqua Cultured Live Rock and Aqua Cultured Live Sand. Established in September of 1999, Reef Systems Inc. has been dedicated to offering quality services and products at a reasonable price to the hobbyist. Since 2005,  Reef Systems Coral Farm has been building a State of the Art Greenhouse for our new coral farming facility. We have (5), 2,000-gallon containers running now and have over 6,000 pieces of coral available for sale ranging in price from 9.99 - 149.99. 

Frag Shops are companies that bring in wild animals, cut them up and attach them to plugs to resell. Our corals are actually raised here at our facility in Ohio.  We have mother colonies which we take clippings from to grow out and sell to stores and hobbyists.  This is a renewable resource and is the best way to insure disease free healthy animals to our customers.    Currently 90% of our inventory is Farm Raised right here in New Albany, Ohio just outside Columbus, Ohio.  We are always looking for new healthy, colorful corals to raise and often trade with the public. We opened our doors to the public December 2006. Please come out and support our efforts in providing Captive Raised Corals, as an alternative to imported wild specimens. 


 Please support the protection of our Reefs and support and purchase Farm Raised animals.