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Coral Trading


    Reef Systems Coral Farm, Inc. often trades corals with hobbyist trying to increase Biodiversity as well as bring in new more colorful hardier specimens to raise at our Farm.  If you are interested in trading or possibly even  selling your animals please contact us at contact@reefsystems.com  We would love to talk with to  see pictures of the animals you would like to sell /trade, if you are able please include images.  Pictures are worth a thousand words.

  Each trade is different and must be discussed.  We encourage people to contact us so that we can discuss there specific trade and corals in question. Trades are based on value to us.  We often give more for animals that we do not have.  Sometimes we have so many pieces of a particular animal that it is difficult to give anything for the animal at all, but this is in rare situations.

   Lastly, we often hear people telling us that they have to just throw away there corals.  We hate to hear this because every animal is worth something to someone.  Plus the idea of killing corals just because we have excess seems sort of ridiculous to us.  I also hear people killing off corals just to reclaim there piece of live rock that was overrun by corals;for instance by, Star Polyps, Xenia, encrusting gorgonians, mushrooms etc.  We will replace your live rock for the animal, typically pound for pound depending on what kind of live rock it is. 

More information on Coral Trading will be added soon. 
We have a list of corals that we are always looking for that will be updated on a regular basis.

If you have;

-Too many Corals.

-Corals you would like to trade.

-so many corals you and you are killing off corals just to reclaim your live rock.

-corals that are outgrowing your tank.

-corals you no longer want and just want to get something new into the tank.

-anemones that have split and you want to get rid of them.


Please give us a call 614-933-8779 or email us at contact@reefsystems.com